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Our Story

     This crazy idea called Tapanadas, came to my mind while making mini empanadas for my girls Luna and Savanna. I even came up with the name on the spot. On my own words, "if I ever make of this a business I will name it Tapanadas, empanadas tapa style." A few months later after having my third girl Azul, I decided for this to become a business.To start I reinvented the shape, because I didn't want for them to look like regular half moon empanadas. To me they resemble a small plate or vessel, which reminded my of a small plate like the ones used for Spanish tapas. That is how the round shape came to life. That day I came up with the idea that now is helping me achieve my culinary career dreams. 




     Tapanadas are artisanal round mini empanadas. We work hard to select the best products in the market to make our fillings. Tapanada's unique flavors will make you live an experience you will never forget. We work very hard to preserve our product quality because we want for you love tapanadas as much as we love making them for you. Our classic line includes beef, chicken, cheese, potato and cheese, ham and cheese, corn and bacon, sausage and potato, mushroom, baked potato and cheese tequeños. Our gourmet line includes filet with mushrooms, four cheeses, lobster, shrimp, and crab. All of our products are fried and our dough is vegan except for the tequeños.


Tapanadas, all the flavor in one bite.

Try tapanadas today and become a #tapalover

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Chef Aimee O.

     My love for food started when I was very little. I remember when my nanny Sofia would make lunch and I will ask her to pick me up and sit me on the kitchen counter. I would just sit there, watch her cook, and smell all the incredible aromas. I would do the same when I would go to my grandmother Emperatriz's house, who was an exceptional cook. I would just climb on top of the counter and watch. I don't know why but I never asked any questions. My love for food and cooking stayed silent.


     I came to the United States when I was only 16 years old and found myself wanting to taste those flavors I used to when I was in my country Venezuela. I didn't know the recipes, but I knew how it tasted. That was enough for me to replicate some of those recipes I saw Sofia and my grandma make. At that moment I realized that food and cooking would play an important role in my life.


     Years later, I moved to Miami, Florida where I began cooking for family and friends, which then escalated to private cooking. What was a hobby at that time became a profession. Later I enrolled in Miami Dade Culinary Institute, I had finally decided to make cooking the bread that would feed my soul, but most important my kids. Now in this new path of my culinary career I bring to you my love for food and my passion inside an empanada tapa style.

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